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WIRED Highlights Motiv’s Enhanced Robotic Arm in Ambitious Mars Mission

(Pasadena, California – January 22, 2021)

This February, NASA’s latest Mars Rover is set to land on the red planet equipped with Motiv’s new robotic arm. WIRED magazine detailed the rover’s journey in a recent article, as well as the pivotal role that Motiv’s technology will play in the mission’s success.

Chris Thayer, the president and CEO of Motiv, states that although the rover is similar to its predecessors, all of its robotics are far more advanced this time around.

“For our arm, we increased the payload capacity by 50% and the positional accuracy by an order of magnitude without changing the size or weight of the arm,” says Thayer.

Motiv’s technological advancements keep pushing forward the possibility of space discovery, and in this case, the possibility to help NASA answer the question: Was there ever life on Mars?

You can read the entire article on WIRED or visit our Mars 2020 Perseverance rover page for all the details.

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