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Robotic Solutions That Enable The Most Visionary Missions in Space

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Custom Space Robotics

Motiv is a trusted robotics partner of NASA, JPL and private space companies, developing some of the most advanced space robotics in use today. Motiv’s robotics are powering Martian exploration, on-orbit assembly and more.

Robotics Mars Rover arm

Motiv’s Custom Robotics

Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover’s Primary Robotic Arm

At the front of NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover is a seven-foot long arm with five joints. It carries some of the mission’s most critical tools for analyzing and sampling the Martian surface. To design and build this critical piece of robotics, NASA turned to Motiv Space Systems.


A seven-foot (2.1 meter) long five-DOF robotic arm that carries some of the rover’s most critical science instruments. The arm’s turret holds the key instruments in Perseverance’s search for signs of life including SHERLOC and WATSON, PIXL, GDRT (Gaseous Dust Removal Tool), Ground Contact Sensor, the Drill.

Key Capabilities

icon payload

Payload: 45kg (Earth gravity)

icon 6degreesfreedom

Kinematics: 5-DOF

icon reach

Reach: 2.1 meters

icon coldtemp radiation

Environment: -135°C; Martian Dust and Radiation Hardened

icon accuracy

Accuracy: <1 millimeter

icon weight

Mass: 76kg

Key Applications

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Drills Martian rocks for core sample collection

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Enables science instruments to take images and analyze elemental composition and makeup of Mars

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Handles sample taken from surface and stows them in the rover chassis


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Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover

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