All The Capability.
A Fraction Of The Cost.

Before now, adding advanced robotics capabilities to your spacecraft was reserved for select missions with budgets in the hundreds of millions. But the xLink™ System changes that.

Created by the same team that developed the robotic arm for NASA/JPL’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, the xLink™ system delivers industry leading robotics capabilities at lead times and costs that are unrivaled.

Key Features

Why xLink?

It is Modular

Building block approach lets you customize a system for your needs

It is Scalable

1 meter, 3 meters? 4-DOF, 7-DOF? It’s up to you

It is Flexible

From component solutions to whole systems, xLink™ can adapt to your needs

It is Industry Leading

Dexterous space robotic systems at industry leading cost and lead times

xlink robotic arm scales up to any size

Leading The Industry

Built For Versatility

No two missions are quite the same, so why should your robotics be? The xLink™ system is built to meet the need for almost any robotic space mission through modularity. The scalable xLink™ system enables the same robotics architecture to be deployed across different platforms and use cases all while using the same building blocks, which means less integration time for you and a higher return on investment.

xlink manipulation tasks


On-Orbit Assembly

The xLink™ system is suited to a wide range of on-orbit assembly and manipulation tasks, from positioning and connecting modules and equipment to deploying large-scale payload elements. xLink™ will play a critical role in the next generation of exploration, habitability, and commerce through on-orbit assembly.


Satellite Servicing

The highly dexterous design of the xLink™ system can enable the capture and servicing of satellites on-orbit, helping to extend their mission life and reconfigure or upgrade existing satellites to add new capabilities.

xlink is highly dexterous
Xlink Robotic Arm System


Exploration of the Moon & Mars

With its adaptability to a wide range of tasks, the xLink™ system can be utilized for planetary robotics applications.

Whether configured as a mobility system for a rover traversing the lunar surface or as a robotic arm collecting samples on Mars, the xLink™ system will enable the future of planetary exploration.

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