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The New Era of Space — Motiv’s Poster Series

(Pasadena, California – March 15, 2022)

Every journey into space starts with a brave, new idea: to put a person on the Moon, to find evidence of life on Mars, to find the next home for humans…But none of these ideas are possible without innovative technology to power them.

Through their cutting-edge space robotics and engineering, Motiv is making visions and dreams about space a reality. To visually share the groundbreaking work that Motiv has been doing, a poster series was created. These retro-style posters showcase the projects and products that Motiv has recently had a hand in.

  • Visit The Red Planet” – NASA JPL Perseverance rover touched down on the Red Planet in February 2021. Since its landing, the rover has taken more than 100,000 images and collected six of 43 samples of Martian regolith that will be brought to Earth for further study. As the rover continues to explore and analyze the Martian terrain, it is doing so with the help of robotic infrastructure from Motiv: the robotic arm and their additions to the Mastcam-Z cameras. The robotic arm that Perseverance carries is capable of drilling into Martian rock to collect samples for analysis on Earth. The Mastcam-Z cameras are designed to capture stereoscopic images at a range of focal lengths. Their advanced imaging technology will provide spectacular views of the Martian landscape while offering clues to the planet’s mysterious past. Together, this technology is working towards the eventual goal to put humans on Mars.
  • Searching For Ancient Life On Mars” – Past life on Mars? Motiv thinks it was a possibility. That’s why they teamed up with NASA JPL on the Perseverance rover mission. The Mars 2020 Perseverance rover carries a robotic arm designed and built by Motiv Space Systems. The Perseverance rover is advancing the search for past life on Mars and studying its surface in greater detail, all with the help of Motiv’s tech, as this poster alludes to.
  • See The Dark Side Of The Moon” – Just because we put a human on the Moon doesn’t mean we’re done there. In this poster, Motiv’s robotic Cold Operable Lunar Deployable Arm (COLDArm) takes the spotlight. This arm is a collaborative effort with NASA JPL. Capable of operating in cryogenic environments, down to -180°C, the COLDArm is designed to conserve energy while working on the Moon. The COLDArm will include a scoop at the end, similar to previous Mars landers, for evaluating dust, rocks and soil around the robot, furthering lunar exploration.

While these are just some of Motiv’s projects, every single one of their products is aimed at creating innovative solutions for space missions. With Motiv’s tech ushering in a more adaptable and sustainable era for space, a new future is surely within reach. Download the full-size posters (linked above) to share in Motiv’s vision. Print the posters and hang them on your walls, or share with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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