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The Mars Rover Is And Is Not Like a News Truck – WMAQ Chicago

(Pasadena, California – May 14, 2021)

When NBC 5’s Charlie Wojciechowski introduced the Mars Perseverance Rover, he made an apt comparison.


“The Mars Rover is a lot like this minicam truck. It goes where we need it to go, it takes pictures, and it can send them back. The difference with the Mars Rover is, it does it on a whole ‘nother planet.”


Motiv’s Tom McCarthy joined Charlie and NBC 5’s Chicago audience to discuss what it was like to see a piece of equipment the team built operating on the surface of Mars, the robotic arm’s capabilities and the rover’s mission on Mars.


They also discussed the unique challenges of building a piece of equipment designed to function on another planet, where just “bringing it into the shop” isn’t an option.


Take a watch below and then visit our Mars 2020 Perseverance rover page for all the details on Motiv’s contribution to this mission.

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