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TechRepublic: Motiv Robotic Technology Forges a Path for Human Exploration

(Pasadena, California – March 19, 2021)

TechRepublic’s reporter, R. Dallon Adams, spoke with Motiv’s VP of Business Development, Tom McCarthy, to discuss our role in the Martian Perseverance rover landing later this month, the xLink Robotic Arm and our COLDArm program currently under development with JPL.


One of the article’s core themes is combining robotic technologies, like ours, with intelligent AI. Together, they can perform critical exploration, data gathering, and even infrastructure development, ahead of human missions to the Moon, Mars, and other destinations in our solar system.


“We have pretty good models and we understand the environment, but there’s nothing like being able to have systems as precursors to really monitor and quantify environments,” McCarthy said.


TechRepublic Interview with Tom McCarthy of Motiv, titled AI spacefarers and cosmic testbeds: Robust robotic systems forge path for human space exploration.


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