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TechRepublic Looks at Motiv’s Role in Moon & Mars Missions

(Pasadena, California – November 25, 2020)

Recently, TechRepublic profiled Motiv Space System’s role in NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover, and in the Artemis lunar program.

TechRepublic’s Owen Hughes sat down with Motiv’s VP of business development, Tom McCarthy, to discuss the programs, the unique challenges of developing robotics for lunar and Martian applications, and future applications for Motiv’s products like the xLink Robotic Arm.

When it comes to programs like Artemis, which have a goal of human exploration, Motiv’s robotics have a critical and exciting role to play.

“I think robotics will play a huge role ensuring safety and sustainability for human exploration in those destinations,” says McCarthy.

“I think that in many cases you’ll need to have robots kind of lead the way, to make sure that there’s a safe environment for humans who want to maintain a presence there,” says McCarthy.

You can read the entire article on TechRepublic.

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