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The Distributed Extreme Environments Drive System (DEEDS)

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In progress

  • Both actuator assemblies are fully assembled
  • All electrical boards have been conformal coated in preparation for assembly into the electronics box
  • Test preparation is underway

Project Overview:

Wheel drive system for use in extremely cold environments

A single system, infinite applications.

Combining a modular platform with unprecedented versatility in one system, Motiv’s DEEDS is changing the game for the new era of space. From powering large lunar vehicles across the surface of the moon to autonomous robots performing specialized tasks, DEEDS is capable of delivering an entire drive system and can be fully customized for mission-specific applications. Built to withstand the extreme cold and heat found in space, DEEDS is set to power visionary missions on the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

Distributed Extreme Environments Drive System

Key Components


The motor in DEEDS was built and tested in temperatures as low as -180ºC, meaning it’s built to withstand the harsh environments of space.


Depending on your needs, DEEDS can be configured with a gearbox that helps it adapt its torque and power to the mission.


Space is full of the unexpected, so DEEDS was built with advanced braking capabilities, including a standard braking system, an emergency brake, and the ability to be configured with 0, 1, or 2 brakes.

Motor Controller

Built to fit a wide range of applications from the Moon to Mars, the DEEDS motor controller combines flexible power levels with modularity. Able to be attached based on needs, this robust motor controller has expanded sensing capabilities, providing a reliable actuation building block for any mission.

DEEDs Motor

Adaptable Applications

Powerful Transportation

Built for tough lunar terrains, DEEDS is an advanced LTV (lunar terrain vehicle) drive system. Designed from the Lunar Roving Vehicles (LRV) of the 70’s Apollo missions, DEEDS is capable of transporting astronauts and payloads around the lunar surface with ease.

Construction Capabilities

As a critical component of lunar construction, DEEDS can be installed on robotic vehicles to be used in the future construction of bases and other structures on the lunar surface.

Advanced Mobility

DEEDS can support a Lunar Surface Science Mobility System (LSSMS), helping it perform a wide array of lunar tasks including conducting science experiments and transporting materials.

Artemis Program Support

Each of DEEDS functions is a good fit NASA’s Artemis program, which seeks to return astronauts to the moon, and establish a long-term presence there.

Built To Power Visionary Missions

With some of the most advanced capabilities in a single system DEEDS is engineered for use in lunar exploration, Mars, or wherever your mission is headed.

More Power

With 25x the power of NASA’s DACEE System, DEEDS is equipped to power more demanding missions on the Moon and Mars.


Versatile and customizable, DEEDS can be configured with what you want, and nothing you don’t.


Built with a customizable drivetrain, the DEEDS system is an all-in-one system, ready for a wide array of vehicles and applications.


Sealed from dust, and able to function in extreme heat or cold, DEEDS saves energy and performs reliably in space.


Interested in how DEEDS can power your next mission?