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Pasadena Economic Development’s Interview with Our CEO About Motiv’s Past and Future

(Pasadena, California – September 28, 2020)

Pasadena Economic Development’s Future Yourself Here team interviewed Chris Thayer, our CEO and co-founder, to discuss how Motiv came to be, his thoughts on what the Motiv team has accomplished so far, and what he enjoys about working in Pasadena — a city he describes as unique.

Chris detailed some of Motiv’s history and how the company has evolved over time — from a small company renting “incubator” space in Pasadena to where we are now. Chris also shared more about the three Motiv accomplishments that he is most proud of: winning the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover robotic arm project so early on in our history, the industry-changing motor controllers that we developed and Motiv’s terrestrial robot: RoboMantis.

Chris also answered the question: “What was the last book you read?” (It’s a science fiction novel, naturally!)

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