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Motiv in the WSJ: The Pentagon Wants Autonomous Vehicles

(Pasadena, California – April 5, 2021)

Motiv’s Vice President of Business Development, Tom McCarthy, was quoted in a recent Wall Street Journal article that discussed the Pentagon’s drive for autonomous vehicles.


Pentagon programs are currently developing autonomous aerial fuel tanker deliveries, pilotless jet fighters, a crewless navy fleet, and AI-driven spy planes.


All of these autonomous vehicles demand various levels of complex, automated robotics.


From the article:

Military leaders “have been leading the charge for automation as part of a multipronged approach,” said Tom McCarthy, an automation and robotic expert who is vice president of business development at closely held Motiv Systems Inc., which built the arm on the latest Mars lander. “They want systems that play well together,” he said.


You can learn more about Motiv’s latest public/private robotics partnership, the Cold Operable Lunar Deployable Arm (COLDArm).


Read the Wall Street Journal article.

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