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Motiv Brings Space-Grade Robotics to Industrial Sector – Via Robotics & Automation

(Pasadena, California – October 15, 2020)

We often talk about how we use principles of ground-based robotics to build cost-effective space robotics, but a recent interview with Robotics & Automation took things in the other direction.

When Sam Francis sat down (virtually) with Motiv CEO Chris Thayer, the conversation turned to how Motiv’s developments in space robotics could be applied to industrial settings on this planet.

The discussion covered adaptations made for extreme temperatures, modularity, scalability, long-term maintenance-free life spans, and more. The interview also revealed that Toyota is currently testing a robot supplied by Motiv and discussed Motiv’s work on NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover.

The full interview is available at Robotics & Automation News.

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