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Los Angeles Business Journal Discusses the xLink with Our CEO, Chris Thayer

(Pasadena, California – October 20, 2020)

Los Angeles Business Journal recently sat down with our co-founder and CEO, Chris Thayer, to discuss our exciting, made-for-space commercial robotic arm: the xLink. LA Business Journal highlighted the customizability and affordability of the xLink, noting that it will cost 90% less than a “classical system” and can be delivered in as little as six months. Chris also shared some of the configurations and jobs that he envisions the xLink taking on, like replacing satellite parts or removing “space junk.”

Noting Motiv’s experience on NASA’s Perseverance rover, the LA Business Journal keyed into Motiv’s ultimate goal to “make space robotic arms available and affordable for companies and institutions of all sizes.” The article also mentions the exciting news that we will be delivering the first xLink unit to Made in Space at the end of the year.


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