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(Pasadena, California – February 17, 2022)

From the Moon to Mars, robotic systems to astronauts and beyond, space exploration is rapidly expanding across our solar system. 2021 brought us the landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars, suborbital spaceflights, and a billionaire space race. Heading into 2022, we’ll see the first flight of NASA’s Space Launch System, Artemis 1, and the first lunar mission for Orion. Set to further the human exploration (and eventual colonization) of the Moon and Mars, these ambitious spacecraft are outfitted with some of the most advanced robotic technology around – including robotic infrastructure from Motiv.

Motiv has been extending the reach of space exploration and automation since 2014. With mission-ready designs, our robotic products have been a part of visionary explorations for companies like NASA and JPL. Most recently, we’ve been a part of NASA’s Perseverance rover, which features a robotic arm designed and built by Motiv. Our COLDArm (Cold Operable Lunar Deployable) is being engineered to directly assist with the upcoming lunar explorations. And in 2023, a Motiv xLink Robotic Arm will launch onboard NASA’s OSAM-2 to help build a 3D-printed solar array while it’s orbiting the earth.

At Motiv, it’s clear we’re passionate about what we do. Our employees work hard, building motion control solutions for extreme environments and pioneering space missions. We pride ourselves on being a partner for our customers, capable of executing the full spectrum of engineering with rapid response and on-time delivery. Currently, we’re searching for equally passionate people to join our highly capable team and build the future of space robotics. Review the open roles at Motiv Space Systems and apply today!

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