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COLDArm Targeting 2024 Moon Landing: Interview with Electronics Point

(Pasadena, California – April 30, 2021)

Recently, Motiv’s VP of Business Development, Tom McCarthy, sat down with Ingrid Fadelli from Electronics Point. The pair discussed the history and development of the COLDArm, the robotic arm we’re creating with our partners at JPL, designed to operate in cryogenic environments.

One of the new pieces of data McCarthy let slip? The current “best guess” for a COLDArm lunar landing date is 2024, the same year NASA plans to land a man and woman on the moon.

Of course, McCarthy was quick to point out that that’s an “expectation”, not a promise. And while some NASA missions happen right on schedule, others have been known to change.

The pair covered a wide range of other topics, including McCarthy’s history as a JPL employee, some background on Motiv’s history, a deeper look at the benefits of our close collaboration with JPL, and more.

Dive into the article on Electronics Point to get the details or visit our technology development page on COLDArm.

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