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An Interview with Tom McCarthy, VP of Business Development

In a recent interview with The Irish Tech News Podcast, our very own Tom McCarthy, VP of Business Development, discussed the crucial role of robotics in extending Artemis missions to the Moon. He highlights Motiv’s innovative technology that can operate in extreme lunar temperatures without the need for heating elements. Tom also emphasizes the company’s contribution to the Artemis Program and its potential to open up the future of space tourism through habitats constructed in a collaborative effort, integrating Motiv’s robotic systems.

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About Tom McCarthy

Tom McCarthy is a co-founder and vice president of business development at Motiv Space Systems. A graduate of Notre Dame, Tom spent 11 years at NASA’s JPL as an electronics engineer designing motion control systems for rovers and robotic systems for extreme environments. After JPL, Tom spent four years as the director of business development at MDA before co-founding Motiv.

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