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Aerospace Manufacturing & Design: Tech Like COLDArm Critical to Artemis Program Success

(Pasadena, California – April 2, 2021)

NASA’s Artemis Program is planning to land a woman and man on the moon by 2024, and a recent article in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design recognizes how critical technologies like COLDArm are to making that program a success.


As the article says:

A primary goal of the Artemis program is to deploy systems that can survive and operate during the lunar night when it gets extremely cold, and support the lunar habitats or laboratories intended to be built on the moon. That’s where the COLDArm comes into play. The technology being developed for the lander uses electronics and lubricant-free mechanical components that can function in environments as cold as -279°F.


The Artemis Program is a bold NASA initiative with incredible scientific, and symbolic, potential.  You can get more details about how the COLDArm we’re building with JPL will contribute to that mission and the design, engineering and testing process for that project in the article.

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